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Paradise is Wine and Friends.

The old vines that grow on the southern slopes of the Sausal have a unique character of their own – fresh, strong mineral overtures with a strong body. Enjoying this with friends even without the sacramental wine, is already a small taste of paradise.

Below, find an introduction to our range of wines along with the descriptions of our most recent vintages. You can get an overview of our wide range of wines in our wine shop where you can also request the wine list.

Sekt (light sparkling white wine)

Seggau Brut

6 bottle cases at € 15,50 per bottle (= € 93,00)



Light yellow colour


The nose promises delicate brioche, roasted almonds, a spicy floral noted with a enticing bubbles. On the palete ripe peaches, a hint of bread crust allow for a fine balance between acidity and fruit

. This is a very special Sekt.


Recommended drinking temperature ( 6-8°; 12.5% alc.)


Sekt Seggauer Brut

Sausal Region

Steirischer Mischsatz 2017

6 bottle cases at € 6,90 per bottle (= € 41,40)

Cuvée 80% Welschriesling, 20% Sauvignon Blanc



Bright green-yellow.

Complex mix of delicate floral and exotic scent in the nose; subtle hay seasoning; apple-fleshy on the palate; medium body; extremely drink-stimulating through fine acidity.

Recommended temperature for drinking: 8-10°C; 12.5% alc.


steirischer Mischzusatz Schloss Seggau

Zweigelt   (red)

6 bottle cases at € 8,20 per bottle (= € 49,20)



Strong ruby red.

Fine scent of red berries

. The aroma unfolds even more strongly on the palate. A lot of Zweigelt flavour, a touch of clove, overall a great balance of tannins and acidity.


Matured 24 to 36 month in a large wood barrel.

Very aromatic representative of this variety!


Recommended temperature for drinking: 8-10°C, 13,5% alc


Zweigelt 2013 homepage

Welschriesling 2017 (White / Dry)

6 bottle cases at € 6,90 per bottle (= € 41,40)



Tender green yellow.

Spicy nose with hints of citrus fruits, lively acidity coupled with fine herbal spice on the palate, good drinking flow

. Welschriesling is our main variety in Styria and is typically described as a well-balanced wine with bright acidity.



Recommended temperature for drinking: 8-10°C, 11.5% alc


Schloss Seggauer Welschriesling

weißburgunder 2017

6 bottle cases at € 8,80 per bottle (= € 52,80)



Medium green yellow.

Subtle hints of nectarines, full-bodied and spicy on the palate, drink-stimulating acidity on the finish, great food companion.


Recommended drinking temperature: 8-10°C, 12,5% alc.


Schloss Seggauer Weissburgunder

Gelber Muskateller 2017

6 bottle cases at € 9,90 per bottle (= € 59,40)



Medium green yellow.

Fine citrus notes in the nose; on the palate hints of apple and orange; the well-embedded acidity makes this wine a very fruity drinking experience.


Recommended drinking temperature: 8-10°C; 11.5% alc.


gelber Muskateller Schloss Seggau

Sauvignon Blanc Sausal 2017 (dry)

6 bottle cases at € 10,80 per bottle (= € 64,80)



Medium yellow with green nuances.

Fresh, grassy fragrance, fine elderberry; on the palate tight with good spiciness, pleasant acidity, very complex Sauvignon.

A typical Sauvignon blanc from Sausal and one of the most important varieties in Southern Styria.




Recommended drinking temperature: 8-10°C; 12,5% alc.


Schloss Seggauer Sauvignon Blanc

Messwein 2017 (white / communion wine)

6 bottle cases at € 8,70 per bottle (= € 52,20)
Cuvée of 50% Traminer, 25% Muskat-Ottonel and 25% Riesling



Well balanced green and yellow colour.

The strong and mature cuvée proves to be impressive due to tender spicy aspects and fine minerality.

Very harmonic on the palate.



Recommended drinking temperature: 10-14°C; 13,5 alc.



Schloss Seggauer Messwein

Varietal wines (single blend)

Traminer Kainberg 2015 (dry)

6 bottle cases at € 14,50 per bottle (= € 87,00)



Typical golden colour.

Rich structure in the smell giving you a clear idea of spicy Tramin flavour; fragrance of roses and raisins; shows a distinct body and is to be valued as a top-quality representative of Tramin wines. 12 months ripened in a large wooden barrel.

Enjoy this extraordinary wine for many years.



Recommended temperature for drinking: 10-12°C; 13,5% alc.



Traminer Kainberg Schloss Seggau

Grauburgunder Einöd 2015 (dry)

6 bottle cases at € 13,90 per bottle (= € 83,40)



Intensive greenish-yellow colour.

Matured stone-fruit in the smell, this bouquet resumes on the palate; fine body, biscuit and light roasting flavour; full bodied Grauburgunder with well-balanced acidity. 12 months ripened in a large wooden barrel.

Enjoy this extraordinary wine for many years.



Recommended drinking temperature: 10-12°C; 13% alc.




Grauburgunder Einöd homepage

Sauvignon Blanc Einöd 2015 (dry)

6 bottle cases at € 15,00 per bottle (= € 90,00)



Intensive golden-yellowish colour containing light green reflections.

Fresh and spicy in the nose with a small touch of black currants.

An enormous spectrum of various fruit develops on the palate supported by a solid play of acidity; well-balanced Sauvignon Blanc with a distinct heart and a long finish. This wine has a high potential of maturing.



Recommended drinking temperature: 10-12°C, 13,5% alc.



Sauvignon Blanc Einöd homepage

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